Intense Cycling

Intense Cycling

Intense Cycling has signed a contract to be the sole distributor for Velocite Bikes for South Africa.  Velocite is a bicycle manufacture who has committed themselves in creating the best bicycles in the industry.

It is easy to make the normal claims of excellent performancebest technology, and unsurpassed value. After all, virtually every other bike company makes the same claims. What makes Velocite different is that from the earliest beginnings in 2008 we committed to actually delivering on these promises.  Keep an eye on our website for more details and where to buy.  Visit us here

Cycling and any sport for that matter was always for fun and to have a healthy lifestyle. Life is about eating right, keeping fit and enjoying life to the fullest! A lot of us have forgotten this. Your cycling that you do should be a journey and not a destination. Doesn’t matter if you enjoy MTB or road cycling or both! Its about the scenery and not to always be the best. As long as you have fun!

While giving you technical advise on our technical page, giving you best diets for good eating habits and still updating you on the latest news on the cycle field, please know that Intense Cycling is here for you!










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