Intense Broadband

Intense Broadband

Intense Broadband is a proud supplier of broadband internet to the consumer market.  Broadband has been our playing ground since April 2004 and we are loving it!

A lot has changed since 2004.  ADSL has been around for many years and only in 2004/2005 did Sentech bring a shake up in the market with Wireless Broadband internet.  This was closely followed by iBurst which has made a tremendous impact on the market.  Vodacom and MTN brought 3G and then eventually HSDPA and HSUPA into the market with speeds upto 21mbps.  We believe in fast reliable wireless internet for our clients and we supply the best solution for your specific needs.  We come to your premises, test and make sure there is sufficient signal quality before we even talk pricing and contracts.

We have numerous agents throughout South Africa to channel our products through.  All of them highly trained to deliver excellent service and the best solution for your needs.

Intense Broadband vision is to supply South Africa with affordable and fast wireless internet.  We want to do that by partnering with the best service orientated and best technology advanced companies out there.

Herewith a brief description of all our products we supply:



Vodacom and MTN products


Online Backup solutions


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