Iron Man 70.3

So this week I took the plunge and entered for Iron man 70.3..

I have had mixed emotions on whether to enter or not or to stick to just cycling which I am becoming better at.  I have been enjoying the cycling journey.  A few years ago I could hardly do a 40km race and now going out for less than 100km cycle doesnt seem worth the effort..  Its amazing how consistent effort makes you stronger.

My journey started when I started cycling with my wife a couple of years ago.  At first I must admit it felt forced.  Getting up early and doing some exercize wasnt totally what I planned for a Saturday morning.  Would rather go for breakfast and a coffee!  We used to cycle with friends to Bedfordview and back.  20 odd km there, have a coffee and 20km back…  Felt like I had a hard workout then! When I was in school exercise was part of being in school but never a habit that was formed and therefore always felt like work. In school I did athletics, rugby, tennis and more but when I started working it all stopped and I did nothing for many years.

Then did some more races and started training a bit more.  Did some awesome races like the Trans Baviaans one year with friends, the Sani2Sea, Wines to Whales, did some MTB races and the 94.7 and Argus races for a couple of years.  Lost a bit of weight and got a bit fitter but winter has always been a problem to get up and to stay motivated.  Last year became the turning point in my cycling career (so to speak).  I met some awesome people and started cycling Tuesday and Thursday mornings and some weekends!  We did most weeks throughout winter last year. The only thing that really stopped us was the rain and even that got sorted by going to the Bellville track and doing a couple of loops!

Now, because of cycling through winter and keeping the endurance training up I am a better and stronger cyclist than i have ever been.  I also believe that through training and keeping fit that I have in some areas improved as a person.  It has made me more dedicated, more disciplined in certain areas of my life.  The fitter and healthier I am, the more clearly I think about things.  It has made me appreciate the people around me more especially family.  Family is very important to me.  I love my wife and my kids.  They are amazing.

I have done my Personal Best at the 94.7 last year of 2:34.  Did an excellent time(3:01)  for the Argus race this year taking the wind in consideration.

The next step is to take on is something like the 70.3 Iron Man.  Something that will make me even fitter and stronger but also give me even more discipline with my training.  I am hoping that by learning from the training and commitment that lies ahead that this will filter through to me as a person and effect people around me and ultimately be the best I can be for God.

I believe that we need to be an example of what it is to be a Child of God and use our talents that were given to us.  We are all sinners and fall short of the Glory of God but we can show that through commitment to God that we can become better children of God.  We need to use our talents to the Glory of God throughout our lives.  Lets not forget that we were created for the Glory of God and in His image.

So, to do 70.3 is a journey I am taking to become better at cycling, running and swimming but also to use my talents that God has given me and ultimately give praise and honor to Him through doing the best I can.

Some photos of my journey:

4175_81309183550_1601080_n 5411_1180985131366_7002881_n 5411_1180992611553_5253484_n 6130_106205393550_7739906_n 10216_188513714324_39820_n 376272_316610035035560_1320290301_n 553507_436767433009533_123463098_n 1175355_716891228326840_611364958_n 1384204_305177122957028_1600558406_n 1394337_10202461283396340_1646894484_n 1504024_10152232646522317_315953306_n 1546092_10152198758004993_767793064_n 1891036_711794092193658_1499472803_n 10294455_10152065737910894_1067789147223287363_n 10320457_10152114807703963_9092787819167020959_n








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