The world

It’s been a while since I posted anything..  apologies!

There has been so much happening from home, family, friends and everything else.

The one thing that I think about a lot is the world that we live in and how different it is to when God created it.  The Bible says that when God created everything from the earth and all on it and the stars and all the planets that it was Good.  Today I can still see what God planned and wanted for our world and for us to enjoy but in small quantities.  We have animals which are being hunted and killed, animals who have disappeared completely and a lot of animals on the endangered list.  Not what God planned.

Our oceans are becoming depleted of over fishing and litter is being dumped into it at an alarming rate.  Money, greed, power and corruption are in our world through governments and every day citizen.  We as a human race are no longer following Gods principles as what is laid out for us in His word.  People no longer follow Gods Morals…  for example people call themselves followers of Christ (christian) and yet have sex with another person without getting married to that person and then if it doesn’t work out, move on to another.  People say murder is wrong yet people go out and get abortions.  People say lying is wrong, yet they all tell little “white lies”.  I thought a lie is a lie?  That is being a hypocrite.  The Bible states that we cannot serve two Gods.  We either serve our real Father or we serve the world.  Can’t have a bit of both.

It’s sad for me to see this happening.  I can see this wherever I go be it in a coffee shop with the family or even in a business meeting.

Please note, nobody can live a 100% clean and clear life..  we are human but we can keep on trying..  and not use excuses..

World, we need to get back to what the Bible says and how we should live….


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