Training hard

I have not been this fit since leaving school in 1995.  From weighing in at over 85kg when I got married, to being just under 72kg currently.  (Another story)

Two things for getting the weight down, train and eating healthy.  No diets.  I personally do not believe there is another way unless you have a medical condition.  It takes dedication and a plan.

But getting where I am now has been hard.  Training hard, eating more and more healthy meant starting to eat things I did not before.  I disliked Avo alot!  Now I eat it because i got into the habit.  Slowly but surely my taste buds have changed.   Training has probably even been harder.  Getting up to train and train when others sleep in and doing this consistently has been hard.  I live in Cape Town and through winter it rains alot and in summer its windy!  So not just is it cold, its wet and windy!  But somehow we have to use our God given bodies to their full potential as we are Gods temple.  I love the following picked up from one of the worlds best Ironman woman around!

Chrissie Wellington’s top tips on how to find your motivation

• Set a goal Take an honest look at where you are now and plan how you’re going to get from there to where you want to be. Not just in terms of the training, but rest and recovery, the equipment you might need to use, your nutrition. Focus on the gratification that will come from achieving something new. You’ll feel so good, physically and mentally.

• Get support towards your goal It’s hard to do it alone and sometimes you need to lean on people. It doesn’t have to be a training buddy, it could be a friend or partner – someone to say: ‘Go on, get out the door.” Joining a club is fantastic. There are around 600 triathlon clubs and they provide this amazing cocoon of support, camaraderie, advice, coaching. Contrary to what you think, they’re not just for athletes. You can go as a novice and find the support you need.

• Celebrate successes on the way You’re going to have highs and lows, but if you enjoy the journey and celebrate successes you will feel you are achieving something.

• If the weather is putting you off, adapt your training Go for a swim instead of a run. Or get out there and endure it and see that as part of the challenge.

• Find inspiration Music is an inspirational tool, although don’t use it when you are outdoors on a bike. It helps me to put on songs that remind me of good things, or lift my spirits, before I go out training. I also have a dog-eared copy of Rudyard Kipling’s poem If – and I write lines from it on my water bottles when I race.

Come on, you can do it…




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  1. I’ve set a goal and have allowed myself a reward for when I reach it… that reward is to be determined considering it can’t be my current addiction that I’m trying so hard to avoid! Ugh… if this were easy we’d all would’ve done it by now!

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