Make a plan…

Velodrome 1


Now the Velodrome Cycling Track in Durbanville, Cape Town has been an awesome place the last 2 weeks.  Its been raining and raining and raining even more in Cape Town.  Now, I love cycling.  From Road to MTB.  But with all the rain, I have not been able to go out.  On the road its too dangerous as one might slide and fall in front of a car.  On the MTB trials its too muddy and the mud destroys the components on the bike and makes it an expensive hobby!

Rain ct


I had a choice the last 2 weeks.  I could have sat at home sulking or just doing nothing because of the rain.  I could have sat and watched a lot of movies and relaxed at home.  If i did this, i would have lost fitness and probably picked up some weight!


Or I could make a plan and get out there to stay active.  When I could I got on the road when the weather permitted.  And when I got the chance I got to cycle in the Velodrome Cycling track.  We were there early in the mornings doing some nice hard cycling sets.  This allowed me to stay fit and keep the weight off!

When it pours with issues, problems, make a plan.  Dont just sit there.  Dont just stand there.  Get out, do something else, Make a plan.

Make a plan




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