Do for one that you wish you could do for everyone

Its amazing how simple it is…

We cannot change the whole world, but we can change/ one person, help one person instead of not doing anything because we feel helpless as we cannot help everyone.

Rather go deep instead of wide with someone.  If we rather have a relationship with someone over a period of time we can be a great help to someone who is struggling/battling with life.  We sometimes focus on blessing hundreds of people or feeding thousands, instead of worrying about the person down the road sleeping on the pavement.

Long term instead of short term.  The little things make a difference but the longer the sacrifice towards one person over a longer period, will see tremendous results.  One can see them grow into a wonderful person.  Go through their ups and downs in life instead of trying to make a difference in one persons life once.

Time not just money.  People dont always need our money.  They need our time.  Drink a coffee with a friend who needs to chat or just go watch a movie with someone who has never been there.  And yes, pay the bill of the unsuspecting person in front of you in the cue at the supermarket…

Go Bless, Be Blessed….



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