A new beginning – for everyone

What an awesome 3 weeks it has been!  I have been watching the Tour De France every day!  The excitement of the race, the crashes, the win!  It has all made me a TDF addict!  All over again!  Chris Froome and his Sky team has done an amazing race and they stood together every km.  There was a couple of stages where the team fell apart but they all came together again.  A big thank you from Chris Froome has probably gone out to Richie Porte who has been his side kick on numerous stages!  I can just take my hat of to all the finishers of the TDF as they have given their heart and soul for this.

I am one of those fans who wants to believe this 100th edition of the TDF is clean and that all the participants of the tour is clean, every single one of them.  From the winner Chris Froome to the last finisher.

Its a new beginning for the TDF and a new beginning for the sport of cycling.

This can also be a new beginning for you and me.  For something that needs to change in our lives.  For me today, its saying goodbye to sugar.  Sugar is really bad for us.  See here: sugar.  Today I no longer have sugar in my coffee, tea or anything else for that matter.  This is something small that can give my life an extra couple of years to spend with my family.

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” Carl Bard.

What do you need to change today?  What can you do to change your future, your destiny?  Are you unhappy with your life, your weight, your marriage, your children etc?  make the change in yourself first and see the outcome..

Come on, be brave and make the change… one step at a time..




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