We are created… not evolved…

For many years the Television, scientists etc keep telling us that we came from Monkeys…  Our kids school books are printed saying things like the world is billions of years old.  Fossils found in and around the earth are millions of years old.  Every where we look, we see the world trying to tell us that we have evolved from a big bang, from a little small cell.  I for one find this hard to believe, as I believe we are worth more than that.

When I look at websites like Creation.com I clearly can see how for many years the world has given us (speaking as a child of God) the wrong ideas and how our parents have taught us wrongly.  When we are a Christian, we should believe what the Bible tells us and not a bit of what the world tells us and a bit of what the Bible tells us.  We should believe the Bible and the facts contained in the Bible as just that, fact.  There are hundreds of teachings around evolution and how this has failed and cannot be proven.  Turning objects into fossils doesnt take millions of years.  It takes a couple of years with the correct ingredients.  Most of this happened with Noah’s Flood.  Read more here

We were created in the Image of God, that means created, not evolved.  I believe that we are on earth for a purpose, for a greater mission and that we dont just live and die, we will continue living after our earthly death with our Creator.

Why is it so hard for people (christian people) to believe that their God  created everything and that Noah’s flood destroyed the earth and every living breathing thing on the earth because of sin?  We are the descendants of Adam and Eve.  When we take the Bible as fact, we start to feel an extraordinary sense of belonging.  Belonging to an awesome God who sees us for who we are, created in His Image and that we were not some blast from the past!

Today we have a choice, we can live according to the worldly belief system or we can follow Gods Word.  We can teach our kids the Word of God and not the worldly system.  We are put in this world to make a difference and love others.  Can God trust you and me to be the difference?



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