Its weekend

Its weekend.  Its time to relax and spend time with our families.

But the question will be…  do we actually do that?  Do we actually put down all the pressures of life, forget about work and just relax?

Very difficult to do when you have financial institutions breathing down your neck for a payment. Very difficult to do if you have so much work to do at work that all you think about is work.  Very difficult to do if you have problems with your wife or have kids who are driving you crazy.

We all need to switch off somehow as our bodies and mind cannot continue like this forever.  Herewith some ways to relax.

Recognize stress. Obviously, some stress is good for us — it adds interest, excitement and motivation to life, in the right balance. It is when the level of stress in your life causes you to put up with things that are harming or distressing you constantly that you risk sliding into being too stressed.

Set aside time to relax. Once you have accepted that there are negative stresses impacting your life, it’s important to make room for relaxation amid all those busy things you’re doing.

Practice breathing techniques. Slow down your breathing and actively concentrate on it. This is always the easiest way to self-calm, provided you remember to resort to it.

Make healthy dietary choices. Eating well can help your body feel balanced and healthy, making you less susceptible to spikes in blood sugar and feelings of anxiety.
Exercise every day. This is the best-known, scientifically-proven way to significantly reduce stress. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to overcome stress if you exercise regularly.
There are a lot more ways to do this, but this is a start…  have a good weekend…
Philippians 4:6 ESV

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God


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