Do we judge?

This morning I dropped off my bakkie for a checkup/service and as I usually do, I walk to the closest coffee shop to work and wait for the vehicle.  I dont take up their offer to drop me off.  Firstly I like the walk and secondly it is much healthier to take a walk than to be driven somewhere.  I understand people have to get to an office but I work from anywhere and therefore can walk to the closest coffee shop.

As I was walking, I noticed people looking at me differently as to what they would normally do when I would drive past them in my car.  It seemed like people were looking at me thinking to themselves:  “Shame poor guy, he cant even afford a car” or ” Luckily I dont have to walk somewhere” or “get out my way, as I have right of way”

I walked across a road intersection and a lady in a car almost ran me over and she did not stop or think twice of what just happened.  Its a really dangerous place to be a pedestrian crossing the road!

“We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation.”

― Paulo Coelho

Lets not judge a book by its cover..  lets take the time to actually get to know, spend time and help those less fortunate.


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