The world keeps changing – Legacy

I am sitting at the Cape Town international Airport this morning.  Waiting for my flight to JHB to meet up with agents and clients.  Looking at all the people coming and going and it makes me think of this world we live in.

It is constantly changing, progressing into new possibilities.  Think of just 1 years ago.  What is here today that there wasn’t 10 years ago?  iPad for example.  Steve Jobs dream of making a household computer/laptop has revolutionized the world we live in.  One now sees them everywhere you go and the same for the airports.  Some working on it and some just playing games!

I see each person and I think of where they have been, where they are headed, their families and their life.  Have they enjoyed it so far? Have they had fun?  Was it hard?  Was it worth it?  I wonder about each of the answers to those questions.  When you sit at the airport you see a lot of joy and a lot of sadness.  People saying goodbye to loved ones and some saying hello!  The joys on kids’ faces when their dad of mom come back is overwhelming!  The love that is felt for another person can sometimes be so obvious and sometimes so well hidden between layers of sadness and hurt.  How did we all end up here? Today, in our present state?  What would we have changed, done differently if we could go back?  Should we go back?

Maybe doing more adventures activities, or maybe not get married so early in life?  Or could it be the regret of cheating on your spouse and wanting to change that moment forever.  One cannot change the past but one surely can change the future.

Doesnt matter where our life have been.  Doesn’t matter what we have done, doesn’t matter who our parents were, we have a choice to change our future as its ours.

When we think about the future try and think that we don’t move forward in time but that the future/time is moving toward us and with careful planning, goal setting and a dogged determination, we can dodge certain (bad choices) obstacles in life and we can grab hold of opportunities as time comes to us as we clearly visualize this. The future doesn’t have to be something we are scared of.  It can be something we look forward to.  We can visualize a good future for us.  That moment of holding your loved one when you have not seen them for days/weeks, is what counts.  When you go through a difficult time in life, be it  being laid of work, losing a loved one, losing a limb etc., we can be victorious if we set our altitude to the correct attitude.

You and I are awesome people and we have to believe in ourselves and what we are capable of.  We are so much more than what meets the eye of a stranger and our own inner thoughts.  Our Creator has given us so many blessings, so many abilities/strengths.  How many of us actually use it?  I personally think very little.  Most people in life never seem to get to what they need to do, or should be doing.  Is it laziness?  Is it their upbringing or just the wrong choices?  Are they just happy with being mediocre?

Can we visualize ourselves doing something better?  Can we create a better story for our future than what we have for our past?  Yes we can!  Most of the world’s most creative, most successful people have done this even with very bad pasts.  They believe in themselves, set goals for themselves and are always creative of where they are in the future.  People can tell their story of their the past but can you tell the story of your future?

I believe we can leave a legacy that people one day would look up to.  A legacy of someone who has done something awesome with their life.  A legacy of someone who tried, failed, tried again, got to the top and made it!  A legacy for our families of being a great husband, a great parent.  A legacy for society that helped, changed and made a difference in other people’s lives.  We can do this!  We are more than capable!

Think about your past, visualize your future and build your own awesome future by making the right choices today!


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