Coffee Shops

Coffee!  How I love coffee shops.

I sit daily in them.  I see people.  Watch people.  So many things happen within a little coffee shop.  People laugh, people talk, some cry, waiters run around with the food and drinks.  Often a coffee shop is noisy with people talking loudly and machines making coffee or other beverages are being used.  I love it!  I get to meet  alot of people.  I know so many waiters and managers/owners and its always interesting to talk to them about what they have seen and experienced.

My favorite coffee is Illy followed by Lavazza!  Cappuccino!  I need to train alot to burn the calories in them!  he he.  upto 250cal in each Cappuccino!  Eish!  But I still enjoy them!  

Sitting at a coffee shop now, overlooking the Blouberg Bay and whales are breaching!  Wow!  Such an awesome sight!

Anyway, getting back to coffee shops. Some people use their cappuccinos as the ‘canvas’ for their art and create outrages cup-a-coffee- art.  These artists try to express or must say try to espresso themselves in the foam of the famous hot drink.

The question on everyone’s (foamy) lips is: Is the coffee still warm when they complete their art?

Here are a few cappuccino art examples

Some shops make the most beautiful shapes on the cappuccinos  Like this one:



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